CD ROM problems



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Well, my CD drive has decided to be a b#tch. It worked long enough for me to get NT 4.0 up and running, but then after I let my computer crunch some numbers for 30 min, it stopped working. It wouldn't read CDRW's, so I decided to try a reboot. After rebooting, NT hung and wouldn't finish starting up. However, if I took the drive off all together, it would work fine.

I've tested my IDE connections with my hard drive, and they are working fine. The CD drive is the only device on primary IDE 1, and it is set to master. My hard drive is set to Master on my on-board Hotrod Ultra66 controller. I have an Abit BP6 MoBo.

Last, but not least, the drive is recognized by the BIOS during start up, but isn't detected by a bootable floppy. It is a creative 32X.

Thanks for the help guys. I really want to get this machine up and running and start pushing these celerons.


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