CD-ROM on 486 dos machine



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I'm installing a cd-rom on an old Cyrix 486DLC with American Megatrends AMIBIOS. This version does not have the auto-detect feature of CD-ROM and I need the Cylinders, Heads, Precomp, LANDZ (Landing Zone), etc. for a generic cd-rom setup values to get it to work. Anyone out there remember the values...or if there is a work around, I'm up for it. You wouldn't believe it but I can find no mention of this info on the net anywhere.


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There is no cyl's, lzone, etc., for a CD ROM. If there is an auto setting, which I doubt, use that. Or another way is to plug the CD ROM into the IDE interface of a sound card and let the bios in the sound card find the device.


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is it an ide cd rom? if so go to the local computer repair shop and ask for a driver disk. it'll have a setup program on it.

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hi vivekpara

ide cdroms dont have setup parameters as such, the driver/s do the interpretation of what is needed and relay it back to the machine.
a site woth a look is
they have a lot of links to various manufactures.




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If you are running Win95 the CD will be autodetected unless it is very old and the Win95 driver can be used. This should be sufficient if you never want to use it from DOS. To install it into DOS, ensure the driver is in config.sys (device=drive:\path\drivername.sys /D:CD001) and the Microsoft CD extensions are in autoexec.bat (mscdex /D:CD001).
The label (CD001) is immaterial as long ast its the same in both config,sys and autoexec.bat.