cd-rom has quit


Glenn Thompson

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my sister-in-law has a two-year old Sony system, and the cd-rom has suddenly stopped working. she says it has given her problems intermittently in the past, not playing some game cd's and one even displaying backwards (?) on the the cd-rom doesn't work at all....any ideas?


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CD-ROMS either work or they don't, so assuming that you haven't disconnected anything inside the system check to see if the system recognizes the cd drive at all. This is easily done with my computer. Double click it and see if the cd drive icon is listed. If yes, then the cd is malfunctioning so you should get in touch with the company that sold the system to you for a warranty job. If the drive is not listed then the system is not recognizing the cd drive at all and you need to try to reinstall. Make sure all the cables have not been disturbed. If you havn't been inside the case then it is very unlikely that cables have changed. Go to control panel, system icon and device manager tab. If the cd is there highlight it and then click on remove. Then reboot. Then go to control panel and add new hardware. Before doing any of this make sure you have the correct driver diskette for your system. If your system is one of those where all the drivers are on one cd that came with the system then you need to get the drivers from the sony web site and put them on a diskette. You may want to try Sony's tech support if you are still under warranty to see if they have encountered your specific symptoms before. (often you are not the first to have a particular problem)

Good luck