CD Rom doesn't play sound



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My CD ROM works fine, except it doesn't play a music CD. The CD player software acts as if it is playing (the track timer increments), and all my volume controls are on. I get sound from other sources, just not a music CD. Help!


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You may want to ask this question at the VirtualDr Support Forums. Many people there frequent the boards, and would be happy to help you!

I'd guess that the cable going from your sound card to the cd-rom is loose or broken. That's how you get CD Audio.


-- Michael


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I just had the same problem last week. There should be jumpers on the sound card. Try rotating the jumper 90 degrees on the same pins on the sound card. If this doesn't work try all the combinations for the 3 rows of pins. The jumper usually connects 4 pins(2 rows by 2 rows). Let me know how you do!


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plug speakers into your headphone socket at the fornt of the CD-ROM. Play the CD and if you hear the sound than your cable between CD-ROM and Sound Card is gone.