cd-rom + cd-rw, help!



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The new system im building up on a site has ha cd-rw (mitsumi 4x4x24x) and ive chosen nto to have a cd-reader since im gonna install mine (Creative 24x). The dealer will build every parts up (the cd-rw also) but I dont know about this master/slave thing. They will of course do that and test it if everything works. But when im later going to put in my cd-reader, what mode will the cd-rw be set on? And what mode should my cd-reader be set on (master or slave) ?


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Usually you can set up your cdrom as master and the cdrw as its slave on IDE2. But some cdrw's models like to be set to master instead of slave.

Then again, some people say they set up there cdrw's as master on ide2 and there cdr on slave to the HD on ide1. This way they have a higher success rate when they copy from cdr to cdrw.

I would suggest you use ide 2 for both your cdr drives first.