CD Rom and hard disk problems



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I just built a new PC (for the first time which why this is probably happening) and im having the following problems:
Windows 95 says the hard disk is running in MS DOS mode because of something missing but the hard drive works fine its just very slow in this mode. Also in my control panel in device manager under hard disks it shows problems with primary and secondary IDE but no problem with dual IDE and reports the dual IDE as the parent, it says the problem is a driver missing or its not working. Seems that would make sence with the dual IDE.
Also my CD ROM wont work, it gets power and the cables are plugged in right i reinstalled the driver several times but when i try to use the CD ROM drive it doesnt recognize it at all. So i cant install my video driver or anything yet. There was also something about a PCI bridge i know nothing about that and when it asked i didnt install a driver for it. Could that have something to do with it?


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Jackstraw, It's telling you it does not like the current drivers ...reinstall the drivers for your hdd and your cd-rom...maybe go to the manufacturers site to get current ones...good luck


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Did you do a completely re-install of Windows?

When you upgraded, your hardware has changed and Windows was configured for your old system.

You should also consider using Win98 since it provides better supports for new hardware.

By the way, you DO NOT NEED any CD-ROM drivers under Win9X. Windows will have a default driver for all IDE ATAPI CD-ROM's. Also, I haven't heard of any "drivers" for HD's.


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Thanks for the info, i got it working! i got a patch from and it cleared it up, but now my video card viper 550 works good except when i try to view any type of video or moving pictures in realplayer or the mediaplayer. It screws the screen up sort of like squishes it and splits in 2 identical parts hehe its hard to describe i already have the updated patch from diamond i needed it just for the card to work at all and it is AGP so im open to suggestions!


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ooops...didnt know you already got it fixed...
It sounds like you have the intel fx or bx chipset by this symptom...
You need to install piix4 to clear up the pci bridge problem. This will also clear up the compatability mode problem. It is the intel busmaster drivers,
You can probably download it from intel's website.
If you would have installed windows98 instead of 95, you would not have seen these issues.

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If it's an AGP video card, you probably need to install the USB supplement for Win95. This is often on your Win95 CD under d:\other\usb\usbsupp.exe. I don't know where to get it if it's not, but I have a feeling you can't get it from Microsoft's web page any more. Perhaps try an FTP search engine.

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You can find the Appropriate USB supplement for your motherboard on the windrivers site. If upon boot up you make a note of the numbers you will see a chipset reference eg 430TX this will help you identify your motherboard and thus the appropriate driver. Site is