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I just recently got a Memorex CRW-1622 Recorder for Christmas and I can't seem to get it to work. The problem is when I start up the program that came with it, it gives and error like this; "Unknown SCSI Request Block Status: E8 (Hex). And then it gives a a tip or what's wronng and that says that the SCSI bus needs to be terminated. How do I do this?
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Ah, termination. All SCSI chains must be terminated. If it's an external device, it may require a physical terminator (If you look on the back of the device, you'll see two SCSI ports if it's external. The one not in use needs to have a terminator in it, if the device does not support auto-termination.) These go for $10-$25, but usually devices that require termination ship with a terminator.

If it's an internal device, it may be a bit more problematic. Some internal devices support "auto-termination" -- this is a fancy way of saying that if a device is not detected further "downstream," then the chain is terminated. This must be set on the SCSI card (either by BIOS or jumper settings)-- however, it's usually the default. Those devices that don't support auto-termination require you to set a jumper or some such (usually) to indicate that your device is the last in the SCSI chain.

Let me know if this helps!