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Does anyone know how to make backups of playstation games - my son scratched one of his & it is $50 to replace - i tried using Adaptec's Easy CD Copy to no avail - is it a hardware problem? Any tips would be greatly appreciated........


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It is a matter of the right hardware and software. For the copy, you need the right software, one that will actually write bad sectors the CD. (One of Sony's copyright thingys.) For hardware, your son's playstation will need a chip added onto it so it will play with the CD-R media. Check the web for "emulation" and that should give you a few leads.


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They're should be an option to copy "raw" data in Adaptec Easy CD. As far as the playstation goes Avatar was right. The chip is called a MOD chip, and requires actually soldering the chip correctly on the board of the playstation. Try
or don't remember whether it's plural. They have instructions on how to solder it.

"Go Linux"


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As I understand it, you need to have the mod chip to play copies, whether or not they're made in "raw" mode - the bad sectors are corrected even in "raw" mode, and if the errors are missing, the game won't work without the mod chip. If you have a mod chip, you don't need to worry about "raw" mode. ( )

See if you can borrow a "disk doctor" - my local used-game store let us use theirs for free.
It puts a pattern of tiny scratches over the surface that hides the big scratch from the electronics.
It's worked for two of my kids' disks.

A backup would be nice though ...

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