CD-R/CD-Rom will not work together.



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I recently bought a Mitsumi CD-R drive (2801TE) and installed it. I tried to "daisy-chain" the drive with my original CD-R (Creative) with the CD-R as master and the CD-Rom as the slave with both plugged into the secondary IDE port. All that does is send my pc into a start up/shut down loop and will not let me start up Windows 95 (ver B) unless I hit F8 and go into safemode. Individually both drives work when each is set up as the master and the other disconnected. Is this a bios problem or a config/autoexec proplem,,,,or a Win95 problem? As of now I have the CD-R installed with Mitsumi drivers installed. Any help or suggestions? Oh yeah, Mitsumi told me to call Microsoft and for $35 Microsoft told me to call Mitsumi.


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Have you tried putting one on IDE 1 and the other on IDE 2? If you already have two hard drives on IDE 1, set up both channels with a hard drive as master a CD as slave. Adjust you BIOS to the new configuration and see how it goes.