Case punches, knockouts, holes, cutouts, etc



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Where can I get the gadgets or tools that make the holes for DB9, DB25, SCSI, Parallel, USB, keyboard, PS2, ports etc... in the back of cases. Are these punches, or screw down things or what ??? Who sells these things ? Anyone have a catalog ?

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You could get the tools,buy the sheet metal,make an atx back template,cut,bore,then finish the openings(de-burr,take the edges off).way too much work when a new case can be had for $60. I would use a drill press, a dremmel tool,prob a 3/8 commer. variable handheld drill,drill index,center punches,rat tail files,sheet metal crimpers(to return the sides,top and bottom of the back for attachment to frame. Spend way too much time to end up with a workable,backplate that I could prob. cut free from an old case for a couple of bucks. Sounds like a fun project though. Please post a pic of it.


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Go into your freindly computor shop and ask him for an ATX backplate because chances are they will have loads hanging around in their workshop.
Then all you will have to do then is cut a rectangular hole which is a site easier than cutting the individual holes. (

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