Case cooling (AOpen HQ08 Fulltower) Please help me!



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Allright, im gonna get that case, together with my Duron 600 and Asus A7V. I wanna overclock my Duron 600 to about 900 mhz with GlobalWin FOP32 cooler and 4 case fans. Now my question is, how do I setup those 4 in the case so I get good airflow? Can someone PLEASE draw me a simple pic with how the fans are pointing etc?
Someone advices me on putting 2 fans blowing IN and 2 blowing OUT. Where will the air blow out, and how will i set my fans for that, etc.

Please help me!


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You should have more than adequate cooling by place exhaust fan near PCI slots, P/S fan should draw out near CPU. Intake should be placed lower front and possibly some where in the vicinity of the 5 1/4 bays drawing fresh air in from top

BTW.....What made you choose that particular case?


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go to

= and look at what he did to his

I took his ideas and made a fanbus and most of his cooling work

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You might want to modify the case. The drilled holes are to small and block air flow. Thats why so many people cut out big holes and put grills in the case. By default there is only room for 3 80mm case fans (two top rear and one bottom front).

Heat rises so it usually good the exhaust the heat at the top of the case.

With modification it's possible to fit a 120mm case fan in the top rear. Bigger case fans usually pump more air per decibel of niose produced.

The advantage two having simular amount of air blowing in as been exhausted is that you don't create a vacuum and have air been sucked in through the floppy drive, which would clog it up with dust.