Can't initialize external HD


jonny b

Computer Doctor
Bought a few small hard drives on eBay. Got one that was a 60GB that spins nice hooked up to my usb device but will not Intialize in Computer Management. Maybe it is one of those hard drives that had a hard drive password on. So the hd does not show up in My Computer but it does show up in Computer Management. When I go to Initialize it I get a message saying The request could not be performed because of a I/O device Error.

I would just like to format it so I can use it in the future. Could this be one of those HDs with a password on it that can only be removed by a bios? It came out of a Dell laptop which I have a few.

So how can I just format it?


If applicable,
Use the HDD manufacturer's diagnostic utility to check & erase the HDD.