can't get to post either, need your help



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i am building a computer. it has an abit bh6 mobo, celeron 300a, maxtor 8.4 hard drive and 128 mb of 100pc sdram.

the thing wont get to post. i don't think the mobo is damaged because i put in my frieds abit bh6 and had the same results.

another thing...the video card i am using is an agp card. i notice that the fans on the cpu stop working with the agp card in it. i suspect that the mobo might be shorted.

could someone help me out?


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Do the lights on the front of the case and the keyboard lights flash when you turn it on?

cos i'm wondering whether my pc could be in safe or suspend or power saving mode
as all the atx systems have loads of power saving modes


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CPU Softmenu has a Power management setting for the cpu fan state when in power saving mode. I'm not sure what the default is , but i've set my bx6 to "Always ON".

Can you get a pci card and try the boot up?
Is your memory pc66 pr pc100 compliant and
what is the current speed setting ?
100 mhz needs pc100 , 66 mhz needs 66 mhz.

If u don't over clock,

PII <= 333, is 66 mhz,
PII >= 350 is 100 mhz.

Swith the memory if possible.

If you haven't gone into the bios yet, there is a jumper setting to clear all settings.
It's in the manual somewhere.

If you can't find it, try this if you're using Softmenu II:
completely turn off the computer. then , switch it on, and hold down the "Ins" key.
On the bx6, this loads the bios defaults.
and hopefully should set it to auto detect everything.


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okay, someone mentioned that perhaps i need to put washers between the mobo and the stand off screws to avoid shorting. i'm going to try this. it seems as if that might be the problem. i'll try.

by the way, the ram is pc100 compliant.