Can't get microphone to work



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G'day all,

I have a Soundblaster Audigy 2 NX usb sound card and for the life of me,cannot get
the microphone to work.I have tried the latest drivers and whatever else but the bloody thing wont work.Operating system is Win XP SP2.

Anyone know of a fix???



Within Volume control,
Under Line-In, Mute not checked?

Any exclamation marks under Device Manager regarding USB devices and/or Sound...?


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Please don't be offended but sometimes the obvious is easy to miss - is the Mike one that needs batteries? - if so it might be that the batteries are dead - caught me out once after I'd spent several hours messing around with the computer.
The CandyMan

The CandyMan

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Or as I have experienced, the mic is no good, most lilkely a ripped wire inside the cabling which are thin to begin with, plus they are constantly being moved, pulled, tugged, etc. so its hard to believe they hold up half as well as they do. Suggest you try a different mic, one you know works.


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Are you plugging the mic directly into the card (at the back of the PC) or into a remote socket at the front.

It could be that remote socket isn't wired up

I had an odd situation with my new pc where a mic would work if plugged in the front of the pc but not if plugged directly into the card - turned out there was a software setting that turned off whichever socket you weren't using