Can't disable Sis620 onboard M748mr ¡¡¡¡



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I can't disable my onboard Sis620 VGA card. I've an M748mr motherboard and try to install an All in wonder 128 but my computer locks¡¡¡ (work for 20 seconds and lock) and show me 2 VGA adapters. Plase send me any answer thanks a lot¡¡¡


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The manual for the M748LMRT doesn't include jumpers to disable the Sis630 Video.


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Dunno if this will help, but I just did that with a V3-3000 PCI, and here are the standard moves:

Set and run your existing display at 640 x 480, 16 colors, in My Computer, Control Panel, Display.

In bios setup go to PCI/Plug and Play Setup, set Primary Graphics Adapter to PCI; then shut down and install the new board.

In My Computer, Control Panel, System, Device Manager, Display Adapters, double click on the SiS adapter, General, put a check mark next to "Disable in this hardware profile".

Go back to Control Panel, Display, and set the resolution and color parameters back to your preference.

It worked for me--sorry if you're way ahead of me on this.

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