can't access HDD anymore ???



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Howdy !
Who can help me with the following problem ?

I've had a P150 Mhz - 32 MB with 3
HDD's...1 Quantum Bigfoot(6.4 GB) ,
1 Seagate (1.2 GB) & 1 Quantum Fireball (10.2 GB)
Because my old bios could not large drives , I used Quantum Ontrack-manager to access the Fireball HDD.
However , due some problems , and a crash...I had to re-format my C:\ drive (Bigfoot).

I also upgraded a little right away

I now have a P166 MMX , 128 MB...same HDD's.
Only I have the following problem....
The new bios can handle large drives...but whatever I do , I can not access the Fireball.
The Fireball is in the bios , and Windows '98
also does "see" it , but doesn't give a driveletter to it.

I tried to re-install the ontrack-manager to get access again maybe , but it tells me my
Fireball is empty ??? No partions ???
Easy Recovery shows me all the data on it ,
so I know it's still all there...

Is there anybody who knows how to "convert"
my Fireball to Fat 16 or Fat 32 ???
After uninstalling the ontrack-manager , I'm still having the annoying "blue banner" at start-up...anybody knows how to get rid of that thing ???

Greetings !

The DJ.


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fdisk/format, if u use a win98 boot disk for the fdisk, it will be fat32.

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Nice solution CALV...only eeeehhh...I would like to KEEP my data !!!
I mean...fdisk and format...I already figured that one out myself...but than I will lose all my data...
And again...I'm searching for a way to KEEP
my data !

Greetings !

The DJ.


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Use Partition Magic ver 4 or 5 to convert 16 to 32 or back. But, I don't think it would solve the problem. In my opinion it is not related to FAT type.
Have you tried to uninstall the Ontrack manager completely?

You can also try this test:
First, disconnect other hard drives and leave the Fireball only. Boot with a Win98 start-up disk and look if you can access the drive from DOS prompt. If you can't that means that your partitions on the Fireball may be corrupted.

Get Partition Magic start-up disk from a friend and try the same with Partition Magic. Will Partition Magic display some partitions on your Fireball?

Please reply with results