canon printer thru tcp/ip



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I have a canon imagerunner400s that's network ready (has a nic)
I'm can't seem to get it to work with our print server

here's what i did so far...bear w/ me cuz its quite long.

assigned the canon a name,ip address, and gateway address (all stored in the canon ROM)
added ms tcp/ip printing as a service to our print server (running nt 4.0 server)
installed the printer driver using the lpr port. it asks for the name or ip of the server providing the lpd. i put in the ip address of the print server for that entry
it asks for the name of the printer, i put that in.
i then updated the lmhost of the print server to recognize the canon then
rebooted the print server.

when i try to print a test page, i get "print error".

don't know what i did wrong. can the problem be that the canon has to go thru 2 switches and a hub b4 it reaches the print server? can that be why? but then again, when i go to the device setting of the print driver and i search for the canon, the print server detects the canon (sees the ip, device name, etc)

or can it be that i'm putting in the wrong ip for the entry that asks for "the ip or name of server providing the lpd" Should that be the ip address of the print server?

anyone that can help, please help. thanks