Cannot successfully burn a CD to my CDRW



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I have used several different programs (Adaptec, Nero, RealJukeBox) and I have been unsuccessful in burning a CD. I'm not sure if it is the new CDRW drive which is set up as a master on the same IDE cable as my CDROM (which is the slave). They are both on the secondary IDE slot. Or maybe it's the fact that I have recently been getting a "Program Not Found" message regarding a file needed to play files of type "Audio CD." (My CDs have been playing fine though)Or maybe it's the programs I'm using. My CDRW copies data files without a problem onto CDRW CDs. I just haven't been able to copy any audio. Anyway, I have become very frustrated and would greatly appreciate any help. Thanks!


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This type of question needs to be put in the General Hardware and/or Support Forum(s).

Good Luck!