Can you get a 50ft S-VID cable or are there standards that prevent this?



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I have a CL PC-DVD Encore 5X drive and want to connect it to my TV. The problem is that my TV is very far away from my computer. Can you buy a 50ft or so S-VID cable anywhere? (I think it's an S-VID cable.) Would I need to go to a custom cable place to get one? If so, where can I find one of those? If not, are there some sort of length rules for this type of cable like in Ethernet? A Radio Shack guy once said that RCA cables had a 15ft limit. I think he's full of it. Can anyone help me?



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from what I understand signal degradation limits s-vhs cable length to around 15 feet. You can purchase cable in bulk and the ends to make your own at Radio Shack if you want. (I have) I will say one thing, you will see it in the quality. I have tried cables of various length and adapters (needed to attach to that damn short ass cable Created supplies with card) with the same result. This sucks. I have to place my 'puter right beside the tv. Oh and then I get crappy signal to my monitor with the cable extensions needed to go the "other" way. (remote keyboard and mouse is cool thou

Little issues like this need to be resolved if convergence is going to progress.