Can you Damage main bord due to overclocking ?



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Ive got a A-open ax6bc main bord and a celron 333a (slot) , I managed to run the chip at 500 mhz once ,but when i reset it the system went back to default speed. So i went back to 375 on a 75 mhz fsb. about 3 weeks later i had the system lock up when running some 3d application in windows, when I reset the system Nothing happened ! I cant tell weather the chip or the main bord is dead. I'me out of ideas on why.


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is it the first revision of ax6bc?

i got one and it worked fine for like a month or so, but then it went terribly bad. my floppy started not to work, then my cd-rom, then... whenever i bumped my box in the slightest, my whole comp would lock. i had to reboot it everytime. then one day it just completely died. still have to get an RMA for it. i finally figured out it was the mobo.

i didn;t doo much overclocking with it. got my pII350 up to 400 for a few days, but then set it back.

maybe there were some bad production runs. i don;t think they can prove you clocked it out of spec, go to their site and see if you can get an RMA. unless it's still covered by the vendor warranty.

da jig isz up...


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It is highly unlikely that your MOBO would be damaged by
‘overclocking’ unless you are soldering or actually changing
components on the board itself.. You are just choosing options
that the board should support.. if they have a jumper for it..

You are most likely to damage your CPU with higher voltage
settings.. Vid cards and other peripherals can be damaged
by higher FSB settings, but most likely they just will not work

Look around for other success stories before making changes on your own..
If a lot of people are not doing it... it probably won’t work..

Some people report successful ‘overclocking’, but then say “... but I’m
having trouble with.....” What this means is ‘it was not successful...’