Can we have a new Forum?......Consumer Affairs...???



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Hey guys,

This is a great idea!

I'm one of the founders of the MyDesktop network of sites, which includes HardwareCentral (I'm proud to have come up with the names for FileFarm, VirtualDr, and WindowsCentral before it got renamed to WinPlanet after MS sent us a note)... We sold the MyDesktop sites to last year so we could focus on, our shopping comparison site...

This is a great idea! I'm going to propose to everyone that we setup a forum on the site for members to discuss their experiences with retailers -- we already have a section for information about each retailer that lets people rate and post reviews on retailers, and will be conducting a standardized review in the near future (ordering the same product at the same time from different retailers) and testing the shipping and return service for each one!

If you're interested in helping to moderate these boards, please let me know -- in these boards, but also via e-mail -- [email protected]

We want these to be driven by the community! We're launching a major expansion very soon too, so we definately want to encourage worldwide merchant service discussions!


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you typed all that in the time it took me to say "what's up"......dang you're fast.

We'll have to check out buybuddy and see what your doing.



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Haven't been around in awhile! We've been really busy doing some really cool stuff at BuyBuddy. There'll be lots of news next week!

I'll keep everyone posted as to the status of a forum being setup...