Can OC'ing fry a hard drive?



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I have a not too old Maxtor hard drive in my new system---ABIT BX-133 with a Cele566---that I pushed to about 800mhz. It worked great for a couple of days, but yesterday I could only get my system to boot to the Windows display screen and then it would hang for about 2 minutes and then give me a message saying that some data was unreadable on the disk. I did a "scandisk" and about 4% of the way through the scan I started getting "bad cluster" messages over and over again. Is it just coincidental that my HD has crapped out on me, or did OC'ing my system do it?


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O'C ing a computer can be dangerous to a HDD if it has dangerous PCI bus speeds. such as 40 mhz +....

your problem is something else


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Typically an O/Ced drive (too high PCI bus speed) may develop data corruption errors such as corrupted registry files but physical damage such as bad sectors usually are indicative of a failing drive that have nothing to do with overclocking.

The BX-133 has a 1/3 PCI divisor at 95MHz (8.5 x 95 MHz = 800MHz clock speed) so you are actually underclocked and not overclocked.

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Plus we are all glossing over the fact that Maxtors fscking suck.

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what hard drives do you recommend for oc'ing?
i have always like seagates.
i have 2 30gb/66/7200 barracudas
should be good?
i also have 1 maxtor 60gb/66/5400 removable that i just plug in 3 times a week to backup.

all comments are welcome!

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