Can I replace my DVD Burner with a hard drive?



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I would like to put a second hard drive in my Toshiba Laptop (A105-S4384) and I was wondering if there were adapters or mounting kits to install one in place of the optical drive. I am interested in running the laptop off a solid state disk, but would also like to retain the large storage capability of a traditional HDD while preferably keeping everything internal. If I put the SSD where the current HDD is, I figured the only other internal place to put the HDD is where the optical drive is. Can this be done?



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It could probably be done in terms of IDE or Sata compatibilty, but it's highly unlikely physically. Mounting is one issue and connections the other. I haven't seen any newer notebooks with Sata drives, but most of the older notebooks used an adapter between the actual optical drive and the connector in the notebook. You'd be exploring new territory. I'd suggest removing the drive and checking out the connectors to assess the feasibility.