Can I replace DirecTV to my satisfaction?



Vlad The Impaler
Here's the deal; we have been DirecTV customers for years but never had a lot of money and with the economic downturn our property tax and rent (mobile home park where we own but rent the land) have all gone up, but our income has remained unchanged. What's worse is that we live in a great mobile home park in that it is wooded and the lots are spacious and private but the double edged sword there is that the trees and weather have begun to really hurt our DirecTV service and will eventually force us to quit.

Cable here is so bad that while it is an option, the offerings are so poor compared to DirecTV the price seems steep.

So I have been using internet TV a while now with the periodic technical difficulties with DirecTV, and I have a TV Tuner card and high def connection with the TV. It isn't too bad, we have to wait longer but many of our favorite shows we can still see online. The only thing we really want is local broadcast TV. Here's where the equation becomes difficult; we live a good 50 miles from Seattle, with hills and water and bad weather between. I have tried one of those amplified set top antennas in the past and it was woefully inadequate. We really only got one or two channels badly and the only one we got good was Canadian. We insist on the Seattle stations for news and my NFL and MLB habit. Also to factor in is that this whole concept is very new to us and I know so little about the hardware needed and what is possible and what is not; also now with digital broadcast TV I don't know what difference that will make.

So ANYTHING anyone could contribute to my knowledge would be GREATLY appreciated. It sure would be nice to be rid of that damn $80+ monthly for DirecTV which is quite unreliable anyway at this point. While it would be a big adjustment we are willing to make sacrifices and also willing to pay some for a quality internet option. I will say I do know about FiOS, but it is still unavailable to us. We do currently have 10 megabit cable that averages at least 4 during peak hours and have 1.5 megabit DSL available, but I can't for the life of me see why we'd want to switch there. So please, share your knowledge and experience here if you kindly would?