Can I port forward between 2 routers? if Router1 is password protected?



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My ISP, had given me a router where the coaxial cable comes, and where I connect directly (via LAN port) to my pc. (they are 4 ports):
Port 1. Directly to my pc.
Port 2. To my D-link wifi router (to serve smart-tv, laptop and cellphones).

Questions are:
Router 1 (the one from my ISP) is password protected, so I cannot enter nor set up anything in that one. All I know about that router are:
DNS1, DNS2, IP and gateway.
I have full control of my Router 2 (wifi).

are there chances, to port forwarding if I make some changes in router No. 2? but not in router No. 1?

If so, let me know, please.

Thanks a lot.


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Routers are small electronic devices that assemble more than one computer networks via either wired or wireless connections. I think if you are using the two router then you can forward the port form one router. To get Instant help related to the Dlink router please contact Dlink Support Number for the best solution.


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i was wondering if anyone can help me out here. i need to port forward from behind 2 routers.

im using a DSL router, a ZTE 831 version 2 and a Linksys WRt160N wireless router.

i need to set up port forwarding, when i do it normally on the ZTE router it works, but i cant seem to set up the wireless router.
also i need the DHCP on my wireless so turning it off is not an option.
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I don't think the modem will try to identify what program is using the port. You might want to check the firewall in both router and make sure the application is not block.
I think if you are using the same port on each routre, they should just be like a switch. Wifi or LAN should use the same ports, I don't think there'S 2 set of port on the router.

You could maybe turn the 1st modem in a bridge, and use the WiFi to manage the network instead. The 1st modem would only act has a gateway to your ISP. While the WiFi modem has to be able to log in your account and will manage the network.

Or if posible call your ISP and see if the wifi modem you have can be use instead of having 2 modem on the loop.

If both modem has a firewall you might want to try to disable 1 of them also.

Last time I try to set up 2 modem together it was a pain, Best Luck