Can Anyone Recomend Voodoo 3 3000 drivers for win 2000 pro and half life??????



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Hey I just installed win 2000 pro, its great but Half lfie isnt working and it should, so I'm guessing its my video card drivers. Can you recomend any good win 2000 drivers for voodoo 3 3000 so I can play half life!!!


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Its hard to explain... I my self had the problems... Did you install the drivers from 3DFX ? Cause WIN2000 will replace them again with WIN2000 original drivers that came with WIN2000... The easyies way is to have a DUAL boot system. Win98SE on C drive. Win2000 on D drive... ---WARNING ! BACKUP FILES FIRST !--- Boot Win98SE and
1.Install the 3DFX new drivers from their homepage..Then try the game again. If that doesnt work you are going to have to do it manualy...

2.copy the 3DFX FILE "VOODOO3.DLL" into D:\winnt\system32

3.Then copy the file from 3DFX "VOODOO3.SYS" into D:\winnt\system32\drivers

I hope this helps....I sold my computer to move back to the US, so maybe they have newer drivers at 3DFX...
Its anoying that Bill Flakes didnt think of OpenGL in Win2000...

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