Can an old graphics card somehow reduce/conflict with sound quality?



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I'm not very smart at computers, which kinda leads me to believe that this is a stupid question, but--I have an old, discontinued ATI 3D Rage Pro PCI (8mb, I think) video card and a Creative SB Live! Value sound card. Since the graphics card is obsolete and old and the like, can it conflict with the sound somehow?

I've been having this problem where the sound crackles and distorts when playing video or when objects on screen are moved. The audio plays fine when the windows are minimized ie: I'm watching a movie, and if I minimize it, the sound is fine. Same with music, though it also plays fine if I don't move anything around onscreen.

Now, I've read a topic here that was similar to my problem, but it talked about a PCI Latency patch and something with BIOS and other things, but it went WAY over my head. It also mentioned nothing about a graphics card being the issue, but the only reason I was wondering is because my graphics card is so outdated and stuff...

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide me. This problem is annoying beyond comprehension :confused:

All of my drivers are updated, except for the video card, because I tried to update them and they said that the product was discontinued, so I couldn't.

*is completely clueless*


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Specs (not sure what qualifies as specs o_o):

Windows XP Pro SP2
AMD Athlon XP 2000+
1.66GHz 512 MB RAM
Creative SB Live! Value
ATI 3D Rage Pro PCI

I am actually expecting a new graphics card in the mail; I ordered it a few days ago. Would that fix the problem? (if the old graphics card is causing the problem, that is)

I could just replace the sound card, too...I'm not very fond of Creative at the moment -_-


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As you are getting another graphics card I would wait and install the new card before buying another sound card.


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Drivers that comes with WinXP should work. While 8MB video memory is enough for day to day applications, I would recommend a graphic card with at least 128MB and preferably AGP. That is if your motherboard has a AGP slot.
I used to own a SB Live! Value sound card and I must say it was a real good performer on my old P4 1.4Ghz.


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To answer your original question, yes.

Many older graphics cards will do this. I used to have an old Jaton Blaze3D card Based on a trident chipset. There was CONSTANT crackling..depending on which video drivers were installed, the problem would get better or worse.

I eventually upgraded to a Riva 128-ZX and the problem was solved.