Can an Admin help out?

Steve R Jones

Steve R Jones

Simple thing to do is create another account;)

Using the "Contact Us" link is the next best thing where where he gives us a valid email address and we'll be glad to edit his account and send him a system generated change your password email.

I found 10 posts when I searched his user name. He probably got caught up in the mass deletion of the old OT forum.


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Ok, I created a new account "iwj" so that hopefully we can get the passoword reset for my "iwajabitw" account going.
Steve R Jones

Steve R Jones

I had to take the email address from this account and copy it over to the old account... Had the system send you a password reminder email.


I'm Back! Thanks everyone. Check out the old signature before I change it. Thought that was some big stuff back in the day. LOL

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Steve R Jones

Steve R Jones

Huge - we sent out emails about resetting everyone's password... A lot people like yourself didn't get the mail.

I swapped addresses between your two accounts and had the system send you another email. (to your gmail acct)

Post back here when you get it sorted.