Calling all BF6 owners and those who want a great mobo



Is it just me, or is this still one of the best, if not the best overclocking board out there? With all the new chipsets and ata66 boards out there, I have absolutely no desire to trade my BF6 in. As long as I'm running an Intel chip, I'll have this mobo. I have never heard anyone say anything bad about this board. My board is going on 2 years old and it has been 100% stable through tons of different vid cards, cpus, and ram modules. I just thought that this mobo wasn't getting enough props. Long live the BF6!

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LONG LIVE THE MIGHTY BF6!! My lil BF6, 3pics(works now :p)

p3 [email protected](home)
Alpha P3125 Heatsink
Abit BF6 Motherboard
Gateway EV700
WDS 10g ata/66
WDC 45g ata/66
256 MB Micron PC133 CL2
Creative GeForce2 GTS
Orignal Logitech Internet Keyboard
Pioneer 10x DVD
Creative 6x4x24 CD-RW
Klipsch ProMedia v.2-400 THX
Sound Blaster Live
CMD PCI-648 uATA/66
3 Intake and Exhaust Fans
3Com 3C900B

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LONG LIVE THE BF6 indeed... that is of course unless yours died on you... like mine
I decided to try VIA, don't do it, i've been trying to fix the BF6 ever since.

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I've just picked up a fault in the AE35 unit. It's going to go 100% failure in 72 hours...

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ya...bf6 rocks till u roast out 2 new hdd's runnin a celly at a 90mhz bus and the damn 1/3 divider doesn't kickin till 92+...wish someone woulda told me before i wasted so much money on hdd's....but ya it rocks....


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All Right!! BF6 club!!!
BF6/Slotket3 [email protected] 1.75v
Golden Orb
448 mb generic PC100 RAM
Promise U66 hacked to RAID ..1 stand-alone 15gb drive and 2 15gb doing RAID 1 (mirror)
Viper 770 (kind of wimpy by todays standards, but still a rockin card)
Turtle Beach Montego2
other Odds n' ends..

Long live the BF6!
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Hail to the king baby! The BF6 is still kicking!


Swedishlf : I bought the P3V4X to replace my BF6 too, but I've switched back since it didn't impress me at all (no go at 150MHz+). I LOVE THIS MOBO TO BITS!

Tennmax Stealth V3
300A @ 580
Vapochill BD35F
128mb Mosel Vitalic PC133 cl2
3dfx Voodoo3 3000 AGP @ 185MHz
Tennmax Stealth V3 + original 3k hs (sandwich)
IBM 75GXP 30gb
Diamond MX300
+++++ (I've got all 6+1 slots full)

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I originally had a BE6 and decided to try a P3V4X. HUGE mistake. I now have a BF6 and am happy as a clam!

PIII [email protected] 1.7v
Abit BF6
512MB Micron PC133
Adaptec 29160
2x 9.1GB Ultra160
Pioneer 10x SCSI DVD-ROM
Toshiba 6x4x24 SCSI CDRW
Voodoo3 2000 PCI
SoundBlaster Live
Aktiontec 56k PCI call waiting modem
Netgear FA410TX NIC
I&C Inc. 400W PSU


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Yeh. I own a BE6-2. Its not a BF6, but its the BF6's Brother. I have never had a single problem with the Be6-2 board in the 1 yr I've owned it. I've taken the cpu out so many times Im begining to worry if I keep it up the socket will get lose. =). Ah well, its still going strong.
BE6-2 live on forever!!
Hey, you guys think a 140mhz bus is possible with the BE6-2?



I'm going to push it over the 900 mark real soon!

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BE6-II/Micron 256MB ECC
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SB Live
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Here I am! <BF6 comes running in>

My BF6 has been the best thing since the wheel!

Apart from the odd agp power issues with my Geforce, my BF6 has been flawless.

Although I'm getting left behind, I'm gonna stick with this thing till the bitter end.

Or until games get too slow or choppy

This overclocked BX runs great!

BTW: All you BF6 owners, what software do you use to monitor your temps? Cos I cannot find one that mirrors the temps in bios

Motherboard monitor gives temps way off.

While on the subject of bios: QJ quickest bios I've found. How about anyone else.

EDIT BIT: Say hello to my BF6

P3 800e @ 1088 with water cooling

BF6 Mobo
Geforce2 GTS
TurtleBeach Santa Cruz
Iiyama Pro450

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Nuff said.

...just imagine if it turns out that there'll be a way we could drop a 1.2/100mhz Tualatin into our beloved BF6s and keep right on rockin' 'n' overclockin' right through into 2002!

Imagine that, my friends...

(who knows? they said Coppermines wouldn't work in the BX either!)


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Originally posted by Gasman:

BTW: All you BF6 owners, what software do you use to monitor your temps? Cos I cannot find one that mirrors the temps in bios

Motherboard monitor gives temps way off.
I use MBProbe. Downloaded it from tweakfiles. It works well, but you have to play with it to get the right temp reading in the right place. No big deal though. Pretty accurate.

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Can you smell burning?

I'll give that a whirl

P3 800e @ 1088 with water cooling :)
BF6 Mobo
Geforce2 GTS
TurtleBeach Santa Cruz
Iiyama Pro450


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If you are using an ASUS slotket(like me, in my BE6-][) you'll have to force MBM to use the ASUS sensors instead of the default motherboard sensors
Just go to the General->Advanced tab and check "Show all possible temperature probes". Then locate the ASUS 2 P2-Diode for the cpu temp.

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