Cable Internet(UK)



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I live in the uk and have just have had digital tv installed over cable. The picture is crap but thats not what im here for! In the manual for the set top box it says that the ethernet port at the back will be for plugging into your pc in the future. I was thinkin why not try it know! I have a network card in my pc and a 100mb/s hub to connect my pc to the set top box. How do I go about getting my PC to thnk that my nework card is a cable modem so i can dial out through it. My cable company is cable and wireless but i dont know how that is going to help!
What do you think will happen if i connect them and open up network neighbourhood!!?
Please post your thoughts on what I should do!!!




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Probably nothing. The cable company usually sets your MAC addess off of your NIC card. It will just be a dead connection.