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Having mastered the art of changing nearly everything in the games C&C Generals and Zero Hour to 'enhance' them a bit more than standard, by editing the ini files here's a few screen shot links of a recent and short battle between the USA and the GLA ;)

Getting ready...

Gathering the invasion forces...

Preparing to move...

Preparing Re-enforcements...

Bringing in the Ground Forces....

Weakening the Enemy...

Taking out the Buggies...

On Patrol...

The attack begins...

...and in case anyone is wondering...yes, I won :D


Nice screenshots. I enjoyed C&C series. Renegade was a it odd though.

Have you played Act Of War?


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I tried Act of War but at the end of the day I guess I'm just addicted to C&C. I think it's the relative ease at which the series of C&C games can be modified to extend the playability far beyond most games that are play once or twice and then left to gather dust on a shelf. There are so many maps, add on single player missions and loads of other stuff available for free for the latest C&C games (Generals/Zero Hour) that you can never run out of things to do with it ;)

Renegade was an odd attempt at a FPS for C&C but that too can be added to with skin changes for the characters and vehicles as well as using a trainer that increases the fun of the game apart from helping you to win a little easier but then again it's still not that easy even with a trainer :)

Do you still play C&C games ?

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Looks good. C&C, I played that since I was a kid. Classic game , very good


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I acutally just bought the C&C :The First Decade box set. I can't wait to play Red Alert 2!


That First Decade box set is damn good value.

I'm not playing C&C at the moment. I'm well into UFO:Aftershock.

Actually since myself and my brother have recently acquired DSL connections we could play each other at C&C. Perhaps it's the beggining of a revival!


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Woodman, You'll have a lot of fun with RA2, good graphics, great cinematics and music and Tanya, what more could you want ;)

And now for something completely different....
The adventures of Dennis (Zero Hour)...
Dennis is one of the many GLA workers within the C&C games Generals &
Zero Hour. He used to be in charge of the bread mixing machines in a
Sudan based bread factory but unfortunately Dennis had flatulance
problems and often let one loose while cleaning the bread mixing drums.
This seriously affected the flavour of the bread so he was asked to
leave. He now works for the Iraqi based Tesco superstore where he
manages the export of 'fresh bread' and since being given a pair of
rubber underpants the bread tastes exactly as bread should without
added 'flavours'.

In his spare time Dennis enjoys swimming, building sand castles, scud
weapons, collecting stamps, organising the mixing of toxic chemicals
and generally seriously irritating the USA, one of his most favourite

Now and then Dennis gets into slight military difficulties and I, his
official biographer, will show you some of them.
In the picture link below you will see Dennis, the lonely figure in the
middle, surrounded by USA tanks. Can he make it to the GLA hole in time
to prevent capture and even death ? The question Dennis is asking is,
'Do I feel lucky' ? The USA's response is, 'Well, do you Punk' ?...
Troubled Dennis

The saga of Dennis continues....
Here is Dennis..

Here we see Dennis addressing a crowd of loyal followers who agree that
conditions could be much better in the work place. His beloved leaders
think otherwise and although they need workers like Dennis they don't
need angry mobs crowding together armed with AK-47's......
The Crowd
.... so they sent in a Sniper to calm Dennis once and for all.
Unfortunately the Sniper had recently been given two pairs of new
glasses, a pair for reading and a pair to help him with his aim. On
this ocassion he had brought his reading glasses by mistake and was in
fact missing Dennis with every shot....
....finally the heavy crew was sent in to quell the uprising, special
scud launchers loaded with sleeping gas slowly gathered around the
unsuspecting crowd..... Will Dennis make it to the GLA tunnel ?
Will he make it

Dennis was asked to do a simple task, organise a fireworks display for
local melisha leaders visiting the town of Scaraba. Simple but not for
Dennis. He couldn't find any fireworks so he decided to load scud
missiles with green food colouring which he thought would make a
'colourful' display if the scud missiles were detonated above the town.

As with most things in Dennis's life someone had put the wrong lable on
the food colouring canisters....
....the end result ended up with Dennis actually firing scud missiles
fully armed and loaded with toxic 'green' nerve gas, he managed to kill
half the the town occupants as well as the local leaders ..... he is
now looking for a plastic surgeon! :D
End result
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Oh, I know I will. I have the disks somehwere, but most of them a scratched beyond recognition and the likelihood that I still have the CD Keys are HIGHLY unlikely. Unfortunately, I have to wait till Monday.


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by the way digitaldog, you have WAY to much free time:D. But I do enjoy those screenshots!


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Lol, did all that when I busted my leg so it 'killed' time nicely :D

Here's a great site for modding RA2 Pixelops free downloads and some cool stuff for RA2/Yuri's Revenge, just click on Red Alert 2 & Yuri's Revenge Resources, lefthand menu ;)