Buying a 2.0 MP Digital Camera



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I going to buy a 2.0 MP digital camera for around $200 CAD. And a 256MB Sandisk card is $80 CAD. What digital camera would you recommend?


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Check Popular Photography and Consumer Reports to see how good the 2.0Mp cameras are as cameras . And pay attention to the lens. Look for optical zoom rather than digital zoom, which just magnifies the center of the image.
Use computer oriented sites to choose the best memory card types and functions and photographic sources to judge the camera functions.


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i got a 3.2mp sony cybershot dsc-p52 for $249. and i already had a 128 mb mem stick from my palm clie for $39. but i dont notice a difference from 2.1 mp and 3.2 ...


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yeah with standard prints you wont see a difference above 2mp.... but if you wanna supersize that picture then the more meggiepixes the better... although 2mp still alows for considerable resizing.

I have a Fuji 2650, 3x optical zoom, 2x digi zoom, 2mp. Its a really great camera execpt that i dislike the latency on the shudder. it doesnt take the picture right when you hit the button, even if you focus first.... i dont know if all digital cameras are like this... i think the canons are faster.....


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coz sony suck a$$ :rolleyes:

recently got a Kodax 4320 2.1mp for £110 and it's great. dunno wot that is in CAD, but then Canada "isn't even a real country anywaaaaay. blame canada blame canada tra lal la lal la lal la la"

hehe, *always* think of Terrance and Philip wen sum1 mentions canada. talk aboot stereotyping :D

thanks for having me buddy


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It seems to me that buy a Sony camera would limit what you can use the memory card for. You can use it in Sony products, products.

CF on the other hand is widely used.