Bunk ass cards



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I recently bought a "Best data arcade fx".


Its box boasts a "nvidia rivia tnt2" graphics controler, 32 meg ram, and chip/ram clock @ 125 MHz. It was on sale for $89. I was like hey! good deal! Little did i know that this board has the "tnt2 m64" chipset, very different than a normal tnt2. The m64 means that it uses a 64 bit memory bus as opposed to the standard full 128 bit bus that can be found on any good card nowadays.

The performance hit of this much smaller memory bus is heavy! especially at higher resoloutions.

The main reason i am bashing this product is for false advertizing. Nowhere on the box or even in the flimsy documentaion does it say that this is a tnt2 m64, it likes to boast that its smiply a tnt2 everywhere it can. There is also a picture of a card on the back, which apears to be a decent tnt/tnt2 board.. it is a full size, neatly lined out pcb, with a healthy sized heatsink and fan attached to the chip. the actual product is a smaller, slopplely (is that a word?) assembled pcb with an itty bitty heatsink poorly glued on. Most games seem to run fine, but I love runing them at 1024x768, and this butthead card just cant do it without acting totally constipated (choppy)

So, my word of advice to anyone out there buying a new card: Stay away from the tnt2 m64 and anything best data makes.