Build a HTPC



Build the ultimate Windows 8 home-theater PC for under $500

It’s true: The best way to control your home theater is still with a PC. Forget all the hype about Google Chromecast and other assorted set-top boxes, dongles, and other gadgets. None of them can organize and play movies, music, and TV shows as well as a home-theater computer. A good HTPC can even take the place of your cable box and DVR.

While you could slide your old desktop over to the flat-screen and call it a day, you’ll get way better results with a computer built specifically for the purpose—and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. In this article, we’ll show you how you can build a home-theater PC that will play anything, stream anything, and record live TV, for as little as $500... Here’s what you’ll need.

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Above should provide a general guideline.

Keep in mind, if streaming is not required,
Windows 7 already includes the Media Center.
The Media Center paired with Shark007 codecs should play just about any common file available.