Buffer underrun


Euan Slater

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Can you advise how to overcome buffer underrun messages with my cd writer


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A good place to start is:


Buffer underruns can be caused by many things (fragmented drives, faulty hardware, slow system, faulty cd-writer firmware, etc).

Davey P


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If you are using Easy CD creator use the cache to hard disk utility you will never have to deal with buffer underruns again when you get ready to burn, just copy do not test & copy, oh and make sure that your cd-rom is set to no-read ahead caching. in sys properties.

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<sarcasm>Yeah great, don't bother with a test just make the actual CD. She'll be right, and even if it isn't, you've got some decorations for your christmas tree!</sarcasm>

That advice is simply bullshit. You need to find out why you are getting buffer underruns, address the problem and make sure you don't get any more. If you skip the test phase, all you're gonna do is end up with hundreds of dud CDs to hang on your Chrissy tree. And no, it ain't something to be proud of.

Only skip the testing phase when you've got everything sussed out and have made at least 10 CDs with no problems. Once you're sure the system works, THEN skip tests. Getting complacent too early gives you problems.