Budget gaming pc for sons xmas



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I'm looking to build my 10 year old son a Budget gaming pc for his christmas, i've got a budget of around £350 to £400, this is what i found below and want to see what you guys think.

Inno3D GT630 4GB DDR3 Graphics Card (Ebuyer £48.99)
Asus P8Z77-V LX Intel Z77 Socket 1155 Motherboard (Scan £82.52)
Intel Core i3 2120 3.3GHz (Ebuyer £88.84)
Corsair 8GB DDR3 1600MHz Memory (Ebuyer £28.34)
Hard drive? would like SSD and maybe cheap sata for backup
Cheap monitior? (i was thinking of giving my 24" dell as i was needing a 27" monitor.
I've got a case, dvd rw drive and mouse & keyboard

Any help would be great as there is so many parts out there that i'm finding it hard to find the best for my budget, hopefully the one i build will play most of the latest games on mid to high settings.


For SSD, following has generally good reputation,
Samsung 830 series,
Intel 330, 335 and 520 series.

For hard drives,
Hitachi, Western Digital and Samsung appear to be the usual.
Seagate at the moment appears to be having some issues.
Unsure whether it is design, quality control and/or bad handling during transportation.


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Honestly with your budget, and considering games take a lot of space and do not benefit that much from an SSD, I'd just go with a standard 500GB HDD or so.
Then I'd put the money saved towards a better video card as a GT630 is not really a gaming card and will struggle, especially if you intend to drive a 24" monitor at native resolution with it.
I'd get at least a 550Ti or even a GTX 660 like this one.

If you need help, the hierarchy chart and the comparator at Tom's Hardware might be of help :)

Also, I don't see any mention of a power supply so if you don't have one already you'll need to buy one as well. The good news is that your projected system uses very efficient parts so a good quality power supply between 380 and 500w like the Corsair CX430 will be well enough. It's ok if the power supply only has one PCIe connector and your chosen video card has two as the latter usually comes with molex-to-PCIe adapters.
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