Budget Cpu?



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Need new Cpu. Budget is 85$. Best seem to be the two:

Intel Pentium Dual-Core Processor G860 3.0 GHz

AMD A6-5400K APU 3.6Ghz

Which one is best? (or less worst). Purpose is watch videos, browsing and light gaming (2006 games and older).Cannot get over 85$ and can only buy from amazon or http://www.compusa.com/

And how much psu power would need? (no gpu build and no overclock)

Thank you.

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From Shinma's links, the Intel cpu has more computing power, but if you're going to be gaming the video in the AMD is likely to be better. That said, there are different levels of gpu in each manufacturer's cpu lineup, so some investigation of the video component in each would be a good idea. I would also factor in the cost of the motherboard each cpu would use and look at the total cost. It appears that the AMD cpu you chose is only a single core. For those times when you're multitasking, a single core is more likely to get bogged down.
You're not likely to need much psu power, and a 350 or 400 watt unit from a reputable brand should do. I would look for a Corsair, a cheap Seasonic like the SS-350ET, or an Antec made by Seasonic. If you're patient and look around you can find deals. But pay more attention to the manufacturer than the wattage number. And to find out the actual manufacturer and get a feel for what's good and what's not, read the psu tests at jonnyGURU.


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AMD is much better then Intel . That's simple to understand ,look at their charactaristics


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Second thoughts on the psu. It's easier sorting them out after years of experience. Before you buy one, post it here and you can get some advice pretty quickly.

Same thing on the cpu and motherboard. Give us a chance to comment. There are some very experienced people about, and not a lot of questions. You're not alone.