Broder and other Viper II owners, please help me !!! (Others too)


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Hello there,

well i want to upgrade my computer. I dont want to spend too much money on it, but an Asus V6800 would still be affordable for me.

Now my question:

What would u do if u had the choice:
Buy an Athlon (original) 700 Mhz + V6800
Athlon (original) 750 Mhz + Viper II

I have AMD-Chipset so the GeForce would run in AGP 1x and the ViperII in AGP 2x.

Is the Viper II any good in games like Q3 or UT ???
How is the compatibility in other games ???
Does S3TC really enhance the visuals in the games ???

thanx alot for ur help !!!!


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Hey I own the Viper II and I love it (now).

It's fast as hell and plays Q3A really well.

When I first got it, it wasn't compatible with anything, but it appears they've got their heads on a little straighter cause they've got better drivers out. Everything works fine and it's a great deal for a good card. I'd get it if you want to save money and still have an excellent card.

Make sure you download all the relevant drivers from their website...a good place to go is:

It is an excellent place to get updates and what not.

Also, in order for me to play Q3A, I had to download an updated version of the glsetup that comes in the Q3A CD, then it worked. But I think some ppl didn't have to do that.

I have a PIII-533b on an asus 133mhz bus with 128 RAM and it's in an AGP4x.



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I would get a 700 Mhz Athlon + V6800

No, GeForce no longer runs at AGP 1x under Irongate, nVidia got it's latest drivers set, it's working at 2X now.

Viper II is extremley fast for UT and Quake 3
It's compatible to any games, I never had any compatibility issues with it
S3TC doesn't enhance visual quality, it just compresses textures for enhanced 32-bit perfrormance, but in UT you can get a special MeTaL driver for Viper II where you can use a thing called "large textures" wich have a beautifull visual quality...


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The Viper II is a very fast card in 16 bit colour, and not so shabby in 32 bit either. If you're on a budget, I'd highly recommend that card. You basically get nearly high end performance, for a very reasonable price.

Main problem is that its T&L doesn't seem to be that fast, at least in Direct3D. If you care about T&L, that is. (I don't, but I thought I'd let you know.) Or rather it's a weird one. The performance doesn't drop at all with the number of lights. With 8 lights per poly, it's quite a match for the GeForce. With 1 light, the GeForce is way faster.

And speaking of UT and the MeTaL driver, please DON'T install the compressed textures from the second CD. It can cause some very distant polygons, when viewed from certain angles, to be filled with solid purple or gray or other crap instead of a texture. Mind you, it's a very rare thing. On most levels this doesn't happen, but on very few levels (e.g., DM-2ndSpaceBeacon) which do have enough depth and juust right polygon placement, it can get annoying.

Also, in case you run into trouble and the MeTaL driver doesn't load in UT, I'd advise you re-install the 4.20 patch after you install the MeTaL driver. It fixed that problem for me.

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Yes, Viper II's "L" (Lightning) part of the T&L engine is real powerfull... but the transform engine sucks, it should only stay with the lightning engine activated, hehehehe....