Brand New Laptop Faulty



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Hi there!

Picked up a brand new Chuwi Lapbook SE 7 days ago and instantly ran into some problems I hope you guys can help me out. It has not been working properly since day 1.

Now here's the problem,

When I first turned it on everything went good. Was setting up Windows 10, username, wifi, microsoft account etc.
Suddenly I heard a little "click" and it turned off. Tried to start it again but it didn't react.
Left it for some minutes and I tried again, it turned on. Gave it a new try, setting up Windows etc, and it died again.

What I've been testing so far:

Drain the battery
Disconnect the battery
Apply new thermal paste
Connect a HDMI cable to an external display
Remove the keyboard ribbon cable as soon as I started the laptop (to check for a faulty power button)
Remove the screen cable
Ran memory and HD test, nothing wrong
Checking the battery/AC with an multimeter (no defect battery or charger)

It looks like the longer I wait before turning it on, the longer it can stay on - like it's charging the internals itself, weird huh?
So I decided to left it off for 24 hours, and guess what - it stayed on long enough for me to finish the windows cofiguration - but then again, it died.
Left it off for about 4 hours - stayed on for about 10 minutes, was able to update the graphic drivers, didn't help.

When it shuts down, the backlit keyboard can still be switched on/off and it does charge my phone from USB.
I also changed the power settings within Windows, made no difference.

So, I contacted the seller and the Chuwi support by email. They do not answer althought the laptop came with 12 months warranty.

If anyone knows what's going on, or what I can try next - please do tell!
I'm prepared to send 50 USD by paypal for a solution.

Thanks alot for taking your time to read.

ps, excuse my English :)

Chuwi LapBook SE
Processor: Intel Celeron N4100
Graphics adapter: Intel UHD Graphics 600, Shared Memory, 6286
Memory: 4096 MB LPDDR4 dual-channel
Display: 13.3 inch 16:9, 1920 x 1080 pixel 166 PPI glossy
Mainboard: Gemini Lake
Storage: SanDisk DF4032, 32 GB + FORESEE 128 GB m.2 SSD