BP6 with 2 Celeron 433. How high can i go ?



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tell me how high the Celerons can be clocked, and which Coolers i have to use. The Celerons 433 are normaly working with 507.19 mhz. Is there anybody with more Power Mhz ?


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you have to understand that we get this question basicly every day.
So all you have to do is look through the archives and find a similar post that has gone through flames.
Anyway i might as well help you out
i specialy reccommend you go out and buy two Alpha-Pal6035's and maybe a ice71 peltier.That would make the most of your cele
Me myself have my [email protected] using just the alpha.You could expect 650 maybe 700
i dont reccommend the FDP32 anymore cos it is too big and it is only good because of its size and now the new alpha kicks the crap out of it.
Hope this helped!(love saying that)

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Just buy the biggest cooler that will fit both the celerons and the motherboard. Start with the alpha (if it fits), and then look at more exotic methods when your desire becomes more. Hopefully you should be able to get a little more outta this chip.


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Do not buy the fdp32's. They will NOT fit on a bp6. You Can try the Alpha PAL6035 or GlobalWin FEP32 (these fit but real tight). They are probably the best cooling options you will have for the BP6. Btw, Alpha is coming out with a new cooler, the PEP66. I am not sure if this will fit on a BP6 though.