BP6 System, TN I was told you could answer this :)



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I had an email from a customer regarding a BP6 and dual 500's (256Mb RAM) he had a question which so far I have found no one who could answer,
TN wanna give it a go?
Here it is:

With the dual processors, what is the effective power exclusive of
system overheads? - particularly in the situations where one
processor-bound task may want to run in the "background" without disturbing
other work too much?

Thanks to anyone who can help!

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I haven't the first clue what that question was about.

I'll say what I believe the answer is.

Using 2 similar processors in WinNT will get you roughly a 40% gain over a single, similar processor.

Since SMP is dependent on the OS and how efficiently it utilizes both processors, then your results can vary widely.

The overall limit is determined by the fact that the CPUs share RAM and other system resources with each other. I'd say you'll never get more than a 50% increase using 2 processors on that BP6 no matter what OS you use.

I hope that had something to do with your question.


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Thanks man
that will do!
I dont know what he was talking about either

hey good like with OT


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I just got a BP6 up and running with 2 celeron 400's @ 500...one of the cellies I got off of Ebay won't post at 92
I'm running win2k prof...

I haven't had that much experience with it, but, it just seems like things move smoother with the duals. windows open and close in one fluid motion, and programs definately don't hesitate in opening...

with seti...
I have experienced a reduction in overall WU times...(you called it TN!!)with my old setup I averaged around 8 hr WU's...with the new setup I average around 13.5 hr WU's. but, every 13.5 hrs I dump 2 WU's so the net effect is I'm kicking WU's out at the rate of 1 every 6.75hrs...that's at 83mhz...just ordered another celly off of Ebay that is guaranteed to do 6x100mhz with stock cooling...I know, I'll never learn!!! When I get the new cpu, I hope to drop my net WU times to around 6 hrs...
125 mobo
65 1 celly
102 2 celly
cheap ram
~285 for 6 hr WU's...not bad considering that is the range of PIII's requiring much more expensive hardware...

or maybe I'm just struck with penis envy and wanted to brag about my dual setup...I don't know

oh well, either way, it sure is cool to see two alpha's sitting on my BP6




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Just my two cents ... You have to buy the two CPU's from the same wafer, for compatiblity?

does that make sense.!!

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no it dos noy make sense!

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