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I wanted to install Windows 98 as i was using Windows 95 before. a friend of mine who is good at computers told me not to uninstall and delete the Windows 95 instead. I was trying to delete windows folder when I was in Windows Explorer(how stupid I was) then I though t logically that how the hell can I delete windows95 while using windows, so I went to DOS to delete Windows folder which has all the windows files. So I gave the commnad to delete the windows, it asked me do you want to delete all the files (y,n) I enetered "Y" then it returned to command prompt again without any errors and i thought it has already deleted the windows. So to double check it I typed "DIt" and windows folder was still there. So the last option I had was to format the hard drive so thats what i did. Now after that I put the Windows 98 cd in cd-rom drive to install windows but it didn't start automatically. so at the command prompt i typed e:\ because my cd-rom drive was "E" drive when i had windows 95 because i have two hard drives 1st is "c" and 2nd is "D". Now when i try to type "E\" at the command prompt so that it will read Windows 98 cd and install it. but it says invalid drive. Then I tried to play around i changed the cables in computer in order to make my CD_ROM drive the "D" drive but that didn't work and now the problem is when i boot the computer I get an error message wihch says "Invalid system disk, replace the disk and press any key" but there is no disk in my "A" drive. HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!! I have the start up disk from Windows 95 and 98 but i cannot do any thing as I'm not bale t ogte rid of that Error "Invalid system disk, replace the system disk and prss enter" Even if I put the sart up disl in the floppy drive
and boot through "A" drive it still gives me the same error........HELP