Bios don´t fix it???



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I didn´t find any specialgroup for this problem. I hope it´s OK here.
I have an old 486 motherboard with AMI-bios, bios can fix HD and floppy but not
I have 1 - 47 and user to set HD-parameters, nothing to set CD-rom.
Is there any way to fix an CD-rom to this computer or do I have to
change BIOS to newer??

Thank´s for fine helpsite, I had much help of it in other matters but
not with my guestion of CD-rom.

Greetings from Sweden

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You will most likely not be able to fix the CD-ROM in the BIOS. Most of the ones I have seen and in the later P1 era of boards and on. There IS a slim chance you can get a bios to do it. Check out the web site for your MB for a free one, and maybe Mr. BIOS for one the will cost you $$$.