Beyond Windows 8.1



With Windows 8.1 now generally available, focus shifts to fixing the mess Steve Sinofsky left behind

By now you've no doubt read that Windows 8.1 is a must-have upgrade for Windows 8 customers, but barely rates a second glance for entrenched Windows 7 or XP users. Sometime in the next few days -- after the servers go through their obligatory meltdown and Microsoft crows about a million or two downloads of dubious pedigree -- you'll likely install it, if you have a Windows 8 machine or VM. Just use the Windows Store app...

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It is an upgrade but I find the biggest improvement is towards directx. Released as Directx 11.2

I had participated in the beta of Battlefield 4. Several players stated to install Windows 8.1 preview as it fixed several performance issues that everyone was having.

I didn't install the preview as it was only a preview and the beta lasted a few days for me. Windows 8.1 was just about to release.

I am an AMD user and solely. (Fanboy comments away.) :)

AMD swears up and down that users on their Graphics HD 7000s series will have a patch that would support Directx 11.2 software wise. However, hardware wise is not encoded into the chips on the graphics themselves.

Other websites claim it will not no matter what. Based on AMD beta drivers release-notes for those on Windows 8.1 compared to those on Windows 7/8.

"​Performance improvements"
​Batman: Arkham Origins - improves performance up to 35% with MSAA 8x enabled
Total War™: Rome 2 - improves performance up to 10%
Battlefield 3 - improves performance up to 10%
GRID 2 - improves performance up to 8.5%
DiRT Showdown - improves performance up to 10%
Formula 1™ 2013 - improves performance up to 8%
DiRT 3 - improves performance up to 7%
Sleeping Dogs - improves performance up to 5%
​Automatic AMD Eyefinity Configuration​
Automatic "plug and play" configuration of supported Ultra HD/4K tiled displays