better to have APG over PCI for 3d games,right?



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i got a voodoo 3 2000 PCI by mistake. do i need to exchange it for AGP to run my games better/faster/all of the above?WAZOOOOOO


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The only real advantage for PCI is when overclocking on boards that can't step down the AGP enough.

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I don't agree. Not with a V3 anyway.

A PCI Voodoo 3 is only fractionally slower than an AGP one. This difference can be made up for, in the fact that the PCI card can be moved to any slot you want. This means, you can move it to the bottom of your case, in the cool air. This also means that your CPU won't have blocked off airflow from the video card.

Essentially, this means BOTH the video card, and the CPU will run cooler. And if you overclock, you will get back that tiny speed loss back, and then some.

Anyway, to get back to you, badwazoo, don't take that card back. Even if you don't take my advice on the whole PCI card positioning thing, the speed loss from the PCI card is so small, it's not worth the effort of taking the card back.

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on the voodo3 3dfx didn't take advantage of agp's power so a pci is just as fast as a agp on voodoo3 but only on voodoo3 so if you return it for an agp thats your choice, but personally i would take it back pay an extra $50 and get a tnt2 with tv-out


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I'll make this easy, if you have an AGP slot use it! There is no sense in getting a PCI card when you have an AGP slot that is designed for video and only video. You can use your PCI slot for something else.
The only reason you might want to use a PCI video card instead of a AGP video card is when you are overclocking like a mad man and your AGP video card can't take the speed. That is it! Like I said, if you have an AGP slot use it!


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i dunno a year ago it was a bitch to play a game that wasn't supported by a card thus i went for a viper agp and v2 1000 pci and haven't looked back, my scanner has its own isa card so i'm still good for pci slots.

i give it another half year before i think about one agp card period when gf2 or v5500 get pured out and prices come down, in the meantime i'll drool and dream for awhile. maybe agp 2x will be completely updated i hope or a new mobo and chip, stuff to chew on.


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Well----i took it back and they didn't have an agp in that model. i got a refund, and went to compusa and they didn't have one either.circuit city had pci's on sale but already made my mind up. i suddenly saw a green voodoo3 agp box for 129.00. i said screw it, i was tired of it all (took a week to get the drivers right)already and brought it home to find it was a voodoo 3 great--but on my machine NO BIG DIFFERENCE til i upgrade. thats mainly why i wanted the agp--near future cpu upgrade. you all helped thanks,badwazoooooo!
(rational)it's over, thank god it's over!
(irrational) i got 14 days to take it back!