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I live in a 2 story colonial in Newark NJ with a full basement and a 1/2 attic. Currently, my computer, a P4 2.2G running Windows XP Home, is located in the attic and connected to the internet via Cablevision cable. I will soon have a Core i7 computer running Windows Vista Home Premium, which I will set in the attic. I will also purchase a 4 port wired/wireless router which will be connected to my cable modem in the attic. The XP computer will be moved to the basement and connected to the internet wirelessly. Considering the distance from the attic to the basement, 3 stories down, what recommendations do you have for a router that can give me a consistant and strong signal from the attic to the basement. I would prefer a "N" router over a "G" router, in consideration future development.


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Building material, thickness and such will influence the wireless signal. I tried using a Linksys WRSV4400N to bridge about 100 feet between router and the clients in an outback shed. The router is in the attic so my situation was close to ideal but still had issues keeping a strong signal. I put this router in the attic because it was making a high pitch noise. I would recomend something else.

Belkin clients worked far better than the Linksys cleints.


Have had good feedbacks with the DLink DIR-655.
But as Leoslocks already pointed out,
Construction materials making up the home in question can influence signal strength.

Following link may be of interest as well,