best video support for the k6-2



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From what I have read, the TNT does'nt support the 3dnow instructions. Would I be better off buying a 3dfx card such as the banshee? I am not looking for outrageous framerates, just solid performance in QII. I recently observed the perormance of a banshee on a p200mmx and was quite impressed. I know that the TNT is supposed to have better visual quality and higher frmaerates but I am concerned about a lack of support for AMD's 3dnow. Can anyone offer any insight into this problem? Thanks in advance!


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I think the next TNT driver Will use AMD's 3dnow. Then Just go for the banshee is fastest in 3d winmark 99 and winstone 99
The Product tested is the diamond monster fusion.


I would definitely go for a TnT. Banshees lack of multiple texture processors will greatly hamper it's ability to keep pace. If you do go with a Banshee , just buy the cheapest one you cna afford. The only reason the Diamond Monster fusion is faster than the others, is because it comes overclocked in the box. You can save money by doing that yourself. Also, I've read that Direct x will soon support 3D-NOW which will make it much more widespread than any card companines own drivers


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I just put together an AMD k6-2 300 system, and have a problem with my Graphics Blaster-Riva TNT card. Games hang the system.
The games work fine when I plug in my roommate's Diamond Stealth card.
Do I need a different driver, or patch, or something to make that card work?


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The problem is that my aunt just bought a amd k6-2 300, 63 megs Ram with a generic video card. after setting her system up, I ran qII out of curiosity; the results were virtually identical to my p200mmx?! Of course I don't think that the 3dnow instructions are included in the v3.05 of QII, right? Is 3dnow supported in v3.19? Is that where I would see a significant performance increase? even without a good video card?