Best video card for Racing and Flying ?



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Hi all!
Please give me some ideas for Video card for up to $200, maybe $250 if I really should have it. I am building my first system and picked most pieces - PIII 800EB on a ASUS CUSL2 with 256MB of 133 cas2 RAM and 19" Sony GDM-400PS (might go to 21" later).
I never played a game on PC, clueless if racing and flying are demanding on a video card or any good ($200 to $250) card will do?
I also got Logitech FF Formula Wheel.
What's a great flying controller?


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Okay, I suppose you're asking two questions here...

As for the videocard, there is nothing better then a GeForce2 GTS card. I personally like the cards made by Asus. If you want to read up on it go to and look for the Asus AGP-V7700 FeForce2 GTS.

As for flying controllers. I like the ones made by Saitek.

The flying console I last heard of I think was the X4. Do some reading about that too.


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If you look around I believe you can find a Voodoo 5 5500 for about 250 dollars.

Has settings to make the picture look extra pretty! With no hit to performance, shouldn't be a problem with your setup at all.

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He means FSAA it is a feature to take away the jaggies in the games that degrade the image quality this feature takes away all the jaggies and pixels popping ( sometimes pixels move about the screen that are not suppose to ) and helps alot with the picture the Voodoo5 5500AGP or PCI has the best FSAA it takes the lest performance hit and looks better than the GF2GTS at all of its FSAA Setting except for it max setting which the Voodoo5 5500AGP still looks better with it 4X FSAA is on. The GF2GTS take a bigger hit when u turn on FSAA because it software but the Voodoo5 does it hard ware which also makes it work in every game, the GF2GTS has problems in some games but it is getting better but i think the best card for the Voodoo5 becuase of its FSAA and Level of Detail features and stuff like that uGFGTS guys cant deny that the GF2GTS is better for fighting games and such. but the Voodoo5 is the best for Sims pretty much all review say that!

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A lot of you guys may be surprised to know that the ATI Radeon is in fact faster than a GeForce2 GTS as far as racing sims are concerned...Racing benchmarks such as Test Drive 6 and Mercedes Truck Racing clearly show that the Radeon gives better performance than a Geforce2 GTS when used with the same CPU...On the other hand, FPS benchmarks still give the GeForce2 GTS the edge over the Radeon...

So, if you're more into racing games than FPS games (like Q3) then the ATI Radeon may be more to your liking...Another plus for the Radeon is its superior DVD playback and very high quality TV-out.

As for flight sims, a CPU upgrade will give a larger performance increase than a vidcard upgrade...All the current flight sims such as Falcon 4.0, etc. still are very much CPU dependent just like what we see in UT...

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I've been finding out as much as I can about which would be the best video card to purchase at the moment if money were no object (not quite). Despite reading tons of different reviews comparing the latest and greatest I am not really any the wiser. Okay...its between Hercules...GeForce2 GTS 64Mb and ATI Radeon 64Mb. Are they really that different when it comes down to it? I have seen some shocking reviews of the Hercules...GeForce2 GTS 64Mb (which is the one I placed an order for today!!). Have I made a huge error? Is one card "better" than the other


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I think we have already reached the point in vidcard technology where pure frames per second performance is not enough anymore... Sure, the GeForce2 GTS may still be the fastest card around but it's lead compared to other current generation cards is not that large anymore compared to earlier generations.

So, we have to look at other aspects of vidcard performance such as image quality and other features like DVD playback and TV-out quality...

Now, I consider myself a loyal NVIDIA user since my last three vidcard upgrades have all been cards with their chipset. But I'm really seriously considering the ATI Radeon for my next purchase...I consider it the best all-around card right now. It has the perfect balance of speed, image quality and features (DVD & TV-out quality) not present in other cards...

With all the current generation top-of-the-line cards costing upwards of $300, it would be impractical just to consider raw speed as the only deciding factor...There now exists a clear demarcation line between speed and image quality in the current crop of vidcards...Now, the choice is to go for pure speed or get something that provides somewhat lower ( minus 5-10 fps) speed and at the same time, better image quality...