Best Video card for amd k6 2 400 Mhz?.



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If you can get a mother board that supports them, look at getting a riva tnt, matrox g200 or a voodoo banshee. These are the best agp gaming cards around right now. Also look for the hurcules beast 3d based on the s3 savage 3d chipset. It may have some driver issues to work out, but as far as I have seen, it is quite a good chipset, and it is much cheaper than the other. Also the 3d quality of the s3 chipset is really good, on par with the g200 matrox chipset, but not as good as the riva tnt which beats all of them in the 3d quality issue. It even beats the voodoo 2 cards. The riva cards are also capable of the highest resolutions in 2d and 3d. If the board you have can support them, these are definetly the way to look.

If gaming is not a big issue, but you need a card that is capable of alot of different things such as dvd, multimedia, tv-in/out, etc. The Ati all-in-wonder pro is an excellent choice for this, but be warned, the 3d quality and speed of the rage pro chipset cannot keep up with even the venerable voodoo 1 chipset.