Best Vid Card for Tribes 1+2



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I am trying to figure out what to get i have aobut 300 dollars i really could move it up to 450 dollars if i want but i really need a card that will fly on the new game that is coming out called tribes 2 since i think that my current card will die on the great new graphics. Im also going to be picking up a 800mhz pentium
. So if you could please tell me which Geforce is the best of which Radeon is the best for about 300 dollars i would appreciate it.

i have a

550 mhz pentium 3
128mb of ram
Abit be6-II
WD 15 gig 7200 rpm
PCI 512 sound card
Diamond stealth III extreme s540 (long name kinda crappy card)
all in wonderful Addtronics case (worth the cash)


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For about $300 you can pick up a Geforce2 GTS, or an MX. Of course, the prices will be less than tat! However, the GTS will pack a bit more punch, although you can save some cash and go for an MX. With the card manufacturers though, I'd go with one that updates their drivers often, and comes with decent software. For instance, creative's Geforce2 cards are great (although a tad more expensive) and offer good software and support.

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Who cares about the drivers they ship with if you go for an NVIDIA product. Just use the leaked detonators, 6.47 or 6.49, and the performance will follow. It is the hardware/prices/features that matter most. Compare.

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